Gender and African SF

Some African countries have a reputation for homophobia and entrenched gender roles. Yet among younger African writers, feminism and concern for LGBTQI+ rights are almost signature issues, marking a clear generational divide. Panelists will discuss the history, the present, and expectations for the future.

The Culture of the Unconquered

Black Panther, in comics and film, provides a view of an African country that has never been conquered or colonized. This panel will discuss what it means for a civilization to develop entirely on its own without the interference of “white gaze.” What other authors have imagined the culture of the unconquered?

Envisioning Black Futures

What does it mean to envision Black futures? This panel will discuss Afrofuturism, Africanfuturism, and methods to draw on the mythology and history of the African diaspora to imagine technologically advanced tomorrows and fantastical alternate universes.

Publishing in Africa

There has been an explosion of interest in African science fiction and fantasy internationally. What is the situation of publishing on the continent? What impact has been had by the internet?  What are the highs and lows—and what may be coming next? Is there a downside to authors finding new audiences outside of Africa?

What’s Great About African SF?

The good, the great, and the just plain weird. Writers, editors and filmmakers talk about works they love from Africa—novels, films, comics, and literary gossip mags.

Being African Is Tougher Than You Think

Practical barriers for creatives on the African continent include travel costs, visas, payment methods, conversation rates—not to mention failing electricity, high data costs, and PayPal not always working. Distinguished writers from the continent talk about the impact of practical problems, and if it gets better when you move to the West.

2021 Nommo Awards Ceremony

The Nommo Award, presented by The African Speculative Fiction Society, recognizes works of speculative fiction by Africans, defined as “sf, fantasy, stories of magic and traditional belief, alternative histories, horror and strange stuff that might not fit in anywhere else.” Awards are given in categories for novel, novella, short story, and graphic novel. Four winners… Continue reading 2021 Nommo Awards Ceremony

Sin, Sine and Cosine in African SF

The Scientific Core of African Sci-fi, African lore and religion in Science & Magic systems & world building. One of the core features of African SFF writing is the continuity of traditional and spiritual belief—and their validity as effective technologies and sciences.

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