Participatory Event

Fannish Pictionary

Bring your artistic talent (or lack thereof!) and join the fun guessing fannish phrases, titles, or characters, based on drawings by you or your fellow fans. Please note: Virtual streaming of this session will be audience-only. Participation through drawing and guessing will be limited to on-site attendees due to technical constraints.

SF Singalong

Welcome to Camp DisCon! Let’s gather ’round the “campfire” and sing! You know the tunes; we supply the music (your Head Counselor Filthy Pierre at the keyboard), and the words (on the big screen). We’ll sing the glories of the Outer Space Marines and Frodo Baggins; the miseries of slow elevators and bad hotel food;… Continue reading SF Singalong

Opening Ceremonies

Welcome to the convention.  We will present the First Fandom and Big Heart awards, as well as remarks from the Chair.

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