2021 Nommo Awards Ceremony

The Nommo Award, presented by The African Speculative Fiction Society, recognizes works of speculative fiction by Africans, defined as “sf, fantasy, stories of magic and traditional belief, alternative histories, horror and strange stuff that might not fit in anywhere else.” Awards are given in categories for novel, novella, short story, and graphic novel. Four winners… Continue reading 2021 Nommo Awards Ceremony

Science Talk 4: Climate Change

Climate Change Science, Mitigation, & Adaptation — Ted Weber This presentation will describe the physics behind the greenhouse effect and how it is increasing temperatures and changing the climate. Then I’ll discuss methods to reduce future warming and damage, and how to adapt to warming that’s already occurring. Mitigation strategies include reducing greenhouse gas emissions,… Continue reading Science Talk 4: Climate Change

Science Talk 15 — Low-Cost Space Launches

Low-Cost Space Launch via SSTO, Pat Bahn TGV Rockets created a conceptual design for a small single stage to orbit (SSTO) reusable launch vehicle (RLV) that utilized our eutectic fuel blend and an altitude compensating nozzle.

Science Talk 8 — Quantum Computing

Really Weird Science: An introduction to Real Quantum Computing Kevin Roche, Advisory Engineer-Scientist, Quantum Ambassador, Qiskit Advocate, IBM Research Almaden The hype around Quantum Computing makes it hard to tell what is real and what is marketing. Kevin will try to dispel those clouds of uncertainty, starting with an introduction to the weird science that… Continue reading Science Talk 8 — Quantum Computing

Anatomy of a Shoe

Bespoke shoemaker SunnyJim Morgan takes you on a tour of what’s on your feet. Ever wondered what makes an Oxford different from a derby? How high heels are made? Are elves involved? We’ll cover that, as well as some history of shoes and shoemaking, the parts of a shoe, methods of construction, materials used, and… Continue reading Anatomy of a Shoe

How NASA and Other Space Agencies Use Art

A few years ago, NASA published an amazing series of exoplanet travel posters jointly developed by artists, designers, and scientists. The project exemplified art-centered outreach efforts by NASA and other space agencies. Panelists will discuss these efforts and how they are being used to promote understanding and generate interest in space exploration.

Imaginative Realism with Maurizio Manzieri

Join Maurizio Manzieri in a journey through galaxies and faraway worlds. The Hugo-nominated artist will guide us through his fantastic portfolio, talking about recent illustrations and the magic surrounding his multi award-winning career.

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